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Bio Statement Squad Battles in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Today we have to talk about one of the ways that you do not have to qualify for FUT Champions you can use the fifa 18 free coins, which exempts you from being pending each weekend by throwing all the possible matches, winning the tournaments of the week or trying to be in the first division. Sort yourself automatically In the Squad Battles of FUT 18 you just have to be awake at the time of matches. 


FUT 18 Squad Battles Guide - How to get points and coins

Let's start with the schedules: there are two sessions, a week and a weekend, and if you want to play from Monday to Friday you will have to start playing from 2:00 on the first day and until 2:00 the next day . Then the restart of the day occurs , which starts again. In each you can win four matches and during the weekend you can play 12 games per day, playing from 2:00 to 10:00, from 10:00 to 18:00 and from 18:00 until the 2 both Saturday and Sunday.


FUT 18 Squad Battles Guide - Tips

The key in Squad Battles is not to win games but to play with style in fifa 18 pints hack free , that's why your team has to have good chemistry. Each victory is rewarded with 200 points but if you lose you also win 50. To accumulate the highest scores you have to score as many goals as possible (40 points per goal), get it not to enter a goal in your goal (75 points at the end the match) and also shooting on goal (5 points per shot). Finally, we leave you with a small video that will help you win the Squad Battles in Legend mode. 

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