Land and power: the territorial claims of indigenous people in the Bolivian Amazon

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The article shows that the territory and the territorial claims are two key issues for the amazonianindigenous peoples in Bolivia. The territory has an important role in cultural reproduction and politicalorganization. The research was conducted in Mojos (Beni). We explain how the itinerant way of territorialoccupation has changed since the implementation of land policies from the state. Nowadays, indigenouspeoples claim the legal recognition of their old territories to face the “white men” illegal occupations.So that conception of an unlimited territory has changed. Today, they perceive a limited territory,surrounded by private properties. However, the territory has became one of the central demands of theindigenous organizations and so, allows them to position themselves politically in local and national stage.

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Gabriela Canedo Vásquez
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Gabriela Canedo Vásquez

Socióloga boliviana y Doctora en Antropología Social por el CIESAS-México.

Canedo Vásquez, G. (2011) «Land and power: the territorial claims of indigenous people in the Bolivian Amazon», REVISTA CUHSO, 21(1), pp. 9–24. doi: 10.7770/cuhso-v21n1-art124.


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