Population density and structure of diurnal primates in Pandam wildlife park, Plateau State, Nigeria.

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A survey of diurnal primate species in Pandam wildlife park, Nigeria was conducted to determine its population density and structure. Eight transect lines (2.0km length, 0.02km width) at interval of 1.0km were located as representative samples in the park within the three range stratum (riparian forest, savannah woodland and, swampy area) based on proportional to size in providing information on the primate’s species present in the park. These include (Cercopithecus mona, Erythrocebus pata, Papio anubis and, Chlorocebus tantalus). Direct method of animal sighting was employed. Data was collected and analyzed using descriptive statistics, ANOVA and diversity indices. The result showed that savannah woodland strata had more number of individual species encountered (132) and the lowest was the swampy area. Also the savannah woodland had the highest species diversity and richness while the riparian forest strata had the highest number of species evenness. More so, Cercopithecus tantalus was widespread throughout the park among other primates and Cercopithecus mona is most likely to decline even more rapidly than others since they inhabit the very tall trees. However, the variation in mean value of species sampled were not statistically significance (P>0.05). Generally, atleast one primate can be sighted in every km2 of range strata covered within the park. This census provides update information on the status of primate diversity and numbers within the park which can help to direct conservation efforts of the primates and other animals by the state government. This will further enhance the sustainability and elevation of the park to a National park.

Keywords:  Population status, Diurnal Primates, ecology, Pandam Wildlife Park,

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Gabriel Ortyom Yager
James Oshita Bukie
Avalumun Emmanuel Kaa


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