Assessment of Domestic and Wild Animals Pets owned by Residents of Makurdi Metropolis, Benue State, Nigeria.

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This study was conducted with the objectives of assessing the Domestic and Wild Animals owned as pets by residents of Makurdi Metropolis. Questionnaire was structured into 2 sections namely, socio- demographic characteristics of residents and ownership of domestic and wild animals pets.  Simple and systematic random sampling was used to select sample locations in which a total of 250 questionnaires were administered; Descriptive statistics, Students t-test and chi-square analysis were used to analyzed data. Result showed that 144 respondents male were interviewed while 106 respondents were female. Residents of Makurdi Metropolis owned both domestic and wild animal’s pets. The commonest domestic animal pet was the Dog. While the commonest wild animal pet was the Red Patas Monkey (Erythrocebus patas). It was therefore recommended that more Enlightenment campaigns on the danger of zoonotic diseases transmission and they preventive measures should be given to residents of Makurdi metropolis to forestall future public health hazards.

Keywords: Makurdi metropolis, pet Owners, domestic and wild animals.

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James Bukie
Veronica Okpotu


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