Mesocosm study of microalgae in different weather conditions

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Microalgae have valuable contributions in carbon dioxide sequestration. There are no much investigations about motivation of mix microalgae productivity in outdoor cultures. This study aims to evaluate microalgae biomass production in outdoor mesocosms under different weather conditions. The experiment was done in Tilapia pond in the hatchery of fisheries of Universiti Putra Malaysia. Weather parameters were recorded daily. Microalgae seeds were obtained from Tilapia pond effluent and added to eight floating aerated mesocosms. Mesocosms were divided into four treatments. Two g triple supper phosphate: 20g Urea were used as fertilizers. Physical and chemical conditions, microalgae primary productivity and biomass, and species composition were measured every two days. Three cycles were categorized as mix, wet and dry cycles based on weather recording scores. Water quality parameters in Treatments and controls cultures showed significant variations. Primary production variables were higher in the fertilized non-sheltered mesocosms (treatment 1). Productivity variables were lower in the dry cycle and higher in the mix cycle. The highest value of fixed CO2 was (3.2) mg/L/d in treatment 1 in the mix cycle, while the lowest value was (0.11) mg/L/d in treatment 3 and control 1 in dry cycle. Changes in weather patterns are seen in the light and temperature values. Microalgae biomass was lower in dry weather conditions because of effect of high air temperature. Weather conditions and different treatments significantly influenced microalgae species composition, due to the sensitivity in some of them to different light intensities. Chlorophytes were the most abundant due to their ability to adapt with different culture conditions.

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Munay Abdulqadir Alteerah
Mohammad Noor Amal Azmai
Hishamuddin Omar
Ahmad Ismail
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Munay Abdulqadir Alteerah, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, University Putra Malaysia



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