Evaluation of effect of pig production to the Environment in Enugu State, Nigeria.

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The research was aimed at accessing the effect of pig production  to the environmental effect  in Enugu State, Nigeria. A total of sixty (60) farmers were selected using purposive and multi stage random sampling techniques. Structured questionnaire and oral interview were used to collect information on the objectives of the study. Percentages responses, probit analysis, multinomial logit models and factor analysis were used to capture the objectives of the study.. The results showed that most of the respondents were aged, educated, had large household size and member of organizations. The effect of pig production on the environment were odour, noise, flies, dust, mosquitoes and rodents. The pig management technologies adopted by the farmers were proper housing, proper manure disposal; precision feed management and proper disposal of animal carcass         . The waste disposal methods employed by pig farmers were open lagoons, dumping in the farm, heap waste and burn and store in bag. The result of probit analysis of technologies adoption showed that  in all the variables considered, only the coefficients of age, extension services, membership of organization and off – farm income activities that were positive. As well, the analysis of the choice of adopting of the management technologies against environmental hazards using multinomial logit regression, showed that only rearing experience and extension services  were positive .Finally, poor access to credit, poor housing, extension services, disease problem, drug, high costs of labour and location of veterinary posts in the urban area were the major challenges faced by farmers in the study area. There is need to ensure farmers’ access to credit, extension services, membership of organization and off farm income activities

Key words:  Effect, PigProduction, Probit model, Environment, Multinomial logit  Enugu

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Ume Smiles
Edeh V Ogochukwu
Gabriel C Ivoke
George I Okoro


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