Efficacy of biowaste and bioagent on the growth of coriander and rumex plants.

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This investigation was carried out to examine the effect of biowaste (Used Tea powder) and bioagent Trichoderma harzianum (NFCCI 2241) both alone and in combinations on the emergence of seedlings, growth and biomass of Coriander  (Coriandrum sativum) and Green sorrel (Rumex acetosa) plants in a pot experiment. The biowaste and bioagent treatments were compared with chemical fertilizer treatment and control. There is a significant variation in the results among the treatments. Germination percentage of Green sorrel was more in the treatments of T2, T3, T4 when compared with T1 treatment. In Coriander, similar trend was observed but the percentage of emergence of seedlings was very much less when compared with Green sorrel. The growth of root and shoot in length in Rumex plants was recorded more with T3 and T1 treatments in coriander plants, whereas root growth was maximum with T3 and T5. For shoot growth, it was maximum in T1, T2 and T3 treatments. Biomass recorded maximum with T3, T4 and T1 treatments in coriander and Rumex plants. Trichoderma harzianum in combination with used tea powder (biowaste) i.e., T3 treatment showed significant effect on the growth and productivity of coriander and Rumex plants.

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Sarojini Chakravarthy Kolli
Rahel Ratnakumari Y


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