Role of nano scale zero valent NZVI nano-particles in removing heavy metal pollution from soil

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Heavy means a sequence of metals or metalloids that are present in small concentrations can be toxic for plants and animals. Soil contamination and degradation are serious environmental problems that pose a great challenge to agricultural productivity and food security. Numerous studies on the Contamination of soil by means of heavy metal pollution were Investigated. An emerging technology called nanotechnology has gained an interest in solving this problem.  Many of the nanomaterials were prepared and they are effective in removing the heavy metal pollution in the soil. In this review, we studied the application of Nano scale zero valent nZVI. The Nano scale nZVI finds a versatile application in removing the heavy metal pollution on the soil. In this work, we had discussed about Nano scale zero-valent metal nanomaterials, and Nano composites in detail. The application and observations of this nanomaterial metal and its composite are fully explained and summarized in details . This nanomaterial’s exhibit great advantages as adsorbents towards heavy metals.

Keywords: Soil contamination, heavy metal pollution, nanomaterials, Nano scale zero valent NZVI

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Imtiyaz Rasool parrey


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