The new onset of health complications in patient after COVID-19 recovery. Health Complications in Patient after COVID-19

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Global pandemic coronavirus caused by COVID 19 appears to cause significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. Until now, acute respiratory problems, particularly in critically ill patients, have been the primary concern of clinical communication. Several case studies and limited series have indicated that COVID-19 significantly affects the respiratory and cardiovascular processes. Older individuals are at increased risk of serious illness due to COVID-19, and frequency increases with age. Many with ongoing medical conditions can also have a greater risk of severe illness. Various organs that may induce infection are the lungs, skin, kidneys, liver, heart and GI tract. Thus, the risk of severe illness due to COVID-19 rises in patients with comorbidities linked to these organs. Patients healed after COVID-19 should now be more vigilant in their daily health check-up and surveillance. The present analysis showed a health complication following the recovery of COVID-19 that was required to avoid chronic disease, which would again cause mortality and morbidity in patients.

Keywordscovid-19 recovered, secondary illness, health problems of covid-19.

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Neelesh Maurya
Latika Yadav
Poonam Maurya


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