Characteristics of Bituminous Concrete Mixtures Utilizing Copper Slag

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Study work on the effectiveness and use of Industrial by-products (IBP) in flexible pavements is restricted. Several factors however need to be analyzed specifically before a greater proportion of industrial by-products can be used in bituminous concrete mixtures with a high level of confidence. Effects of copper slag on volumetric and strength parameters such as Marshall Parameters, static tensile properties, and moisture resistivity of bituminous concrete mixtures using copper slag as mineral fillers need to be examined and thoroughly analyzed. Quantitative analyses of the elements and the morphology of the copper slag have been studied by Energy Dispersive X-ray Analyzer (EDX) and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). The use of copper slag as a mineral filler in bituminous concrete grade-2 mixtures showed an increase in stability, indirect tensile strength, and moisture resistance compared to traditional mixtures.

Keywords— Industrial by-products (IBP), Indirect Tensile Strength, Moisture resistivity, SEM, EDX

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Chavan Ravishankar
M.S. Nagakumar
H.K. Krishnegowda
Abhilash R Prasad


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