Effectiveness of agricultural wastes in soil stabilization.

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Many ways have been sought to improve soils, especially expansive soils which have been problematic to structures and pavements built over them and soil stabilization seems to be one of the effective ways. But soil stabilization in itself is not cost-effective hence the introduction of agricultural wastes being researched on and seen as a cheaper means to be used as stabilizing agents which helps in minimizing the cost of soil stabilization, thereby reducing the problem of waste disposal. Agricultural wastes like Rice Husk Ash, Bagasse Ash, Sugarcane Straw Ash, Saw Dust Ash, Coconut Husk Ash, Millet Husk Ash, Corn Cob Ash, Locust Bean Pod Ash, Cassava Peel Ash and Bamboo Leaf Ash have been experimented with in stabilizing soils and as well, serving as supplementary cementitious materials for cement in concrete production. The strengths of the soils and the concrete stabilized with these wastes were seen to improve significantly and their effectiveness was estimated based on an average optimum value. Agricultural waste processing Industries can be set up to help in the massive production of these natural stabilizers which would lessen the cost of soil stabilization using cement and chemicals and also generally reduce problems that are associated with waste disposal, helping in waste management. 

Keywords—expansive soils, soil stabilization, agricultural wastes

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Deborah Dauda
Manju Dominic


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