Identification of risk factors leading to cost and time overrun in B-O-T projects

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As infrastructural investments are vital in developing countries, it’ll not solely facilitate to foster the economic growth of a nation, however it’ll additionally act as a platform within which new kinds of partnership and collaboration may be developed. The developments of BOT have attracted participation of native and foreign non-public sector capitalist to secure funding and to deliver projects on time, within the budget and to the desired specifications. There are many complexities in projects because of the variety of factors in project’s trend and also the dependence of project primarily on national factors. Because of these complexities and their long-term operation, the projects meet with uncertainty and numerous risks. Effective risk management methods and good managerial skills are required in guaranteeing the success of the project. In recent years, due to substantial increase in the amount of construction companies along with the changes in the government administrations, the construction projects are exposed to cost and time overrun and has huge impact on the progress of works within the industry. Although, the sector is considered to be a key driver of economic growth, time and cost overruns threaten to limit the sector’s potential to help achieve the desired growth and ensure efficient capital expenditure.

Keywords—BOT, cost overrun, delays, risk

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Anue Marry Mathew
Neena S Lal


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