Structural applicability of plastic incorporated concrete

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Modulus of elasticity of concrete indicates the resistance of the material to deflection. The elastic modulus depends on the components of the concrete. When new replacement materials are introduced into the concrete, it is important to evaluate the modulus of elasticity of that concrete as it is used in structural applications. Nowadays plastic waste is used in pavement construction. Incorporation of plastic bottle waste in concrete as a replacement for aggregates is gaining attention. The application of this concrete in structures need to be studied. Evaluation of elastic modulus of plastic aggregate concrete is a first step towards its structural applicability. As an initial step to this study, two grades of normal concrete are prepared and its elastic modulus is evaluated. The result shows similar relation of compressive strength and elastic modulus as per standard code value.

Keywords— Elastic modulus, concrete, plastic aggregate concrete, plastic bottle waste

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Aleesha Anna Saju
K.K. Smitha


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