Emergency floating hut

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In the run-up to the observance of the repeating flooding situation in Kerala, it is an urgent need to take adequate measure for this havoc. This project intends a well planned solution for this and named as “Emergency Floating Hut”. Kerala is a place where floods occurs only during the monsoon season. That means, the flood is caused by rain. The hut is going to be constructed almost near the basement portion by separately providing beams or space in a creative way. The main feature of this design model is, there have spaces for keeping adequate food and medicines. The dimensional data for the hut are: diameter 3.5m and depth 1.2m for the prototype design. The materials used are weight less, low density, durable and with enough stability. The roof covering will be transparent fibre glass.

Keywords—types, material collection, shape of model, principles, design, casting.

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Shabid Zaman H
S Anshad
E.T. Jenvit
P Anusha


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