Features of management agglomeration processes.

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The agglomeration process is a complex socio- economic, spatial phenomenon that requires special approaches to management. Today, agglomerations are transforming the urban environment, creating a diverse set of problems, the solution of which requires the improvement of mechanisms and the creation of new tools for managing the development of agglomerations. The theoretical aspects of agglomeration formation are considered in the article. Attention is paid to the components of the process of modern development of urban agglomerations. Peculiarities of urban agglomerations allocation and basic models of agglomeration development management are considered. Particular attention is paid to the functioning and management of recreational agglomerations. Recreational agglomerations are a special type of agglomeration formations that have special features and require a specific management apparatus. The article allows to expand the idea of the essence of recreational agglomerations, serves as the first basis for further study of its structural and functional patterns of development.

Keywords—urban, urban system, agglomeration, urban agglomeration, recreational agglomeration, innovation process

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Irina Pedko
Anastasiia Pandas


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