Review on properties of GGBFS and fly ash incorporated aerated concrete with filler materials.

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Light weight concrete has been an area of interest for a lot of researchers over the years. While reducing the weight of concrete, mechanical strength and durability should not be compromised. Use of GGBFS and fly ash as partial replacement of cementitious material has been proved effective from various studies previously done. Along with the weight reduction, waste recycling is also an important concern for the researchers. Various waste materials like plastic particles, quarry dust, rubber powder etc. are studied for their effectiveness as a partial replacement for fine aggregates. Common issue with most of the filler materials is the strength reduction occurring with their addition. Apart from mechanical strength tests, micro structure study on the specimens will help to analyse the effect of addition of each material in detail.

Keywords— Aerated concrete, GGBFS, quarry dust, rubber powder, plastic particles.

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Indu Susan Raj
Jinu Darsh M.S
Elson John


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