A review on strength characteristics of concrete incorporating sugarcane bagasse ash.

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Sugarcane bagasse ash is an offshoot of sugar factories found after burning of sugarcane bagasse which itself is found after the extraction of sugar from sugarcane. The disposal of this material causes environmental problems surrounding sugar factories. Sugarcane bagasse ash is rich in silica that can play the role of an effective pozzolana which leads to improve pozzolanic reactions resulting in better performing building materials. Light weight concrete can be prepared from low density bagasse ash. Surface reactions are improved due to its high specific surface area. Some percentage of cement is replaced with bagasse ash to determine the fresh and hardened properties of the concrete mix. Compressive strength of the concrete can be improved tremendously on later stages of addition of bagasse ash. Incorporating sugarcane bagasse ash in concrete can further alter the other various performance of concrete.

Keywords—sugarcane bagasse ash, pozzolana, fresh and hardened properties.

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S Sangeetha
Fathima Shahin


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