Sustainable coastal tourism-an overview

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An elementary theory of sustainable coastal tourism mainly depends on the crystal clear water, healthy ecosystem, and well preserved coastal environment. Coastal tourism has drawn worldwide attention and has become extremely competitive as everybody tries to increase their profit in terms of beach visitors, both domestic and international [Joseph, and Pakkeerappa,2015]. Usually, any coastal area growth is always looked at from a business perspective, while the environmental aspect is mostly neglected. This strategy leads towards impractical beachfront development, which has different negative ramifications, on the climate and society. It is uneconomical as it destroys the actual ecological structures, such as the beach scenery, the biodiversity, and the biological system in the ocean and on the land. Also the travel industry exercise at the seaside territory destroys the beach. This study summarizes environmental impacts of coastal Tourism and the sustainable options to make it eco-friendly. The sustainable solutions were suggested for better coastal conservation. Also the study points out the future crisis pertaining to the latest   Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 2020 by the government of India.

Keywords—Coastal, Sustainable, tour, biodiversity, CRZ, EIA

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R. Senthilkumar


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