Durability of geopolymer concrete exposed to acidic environment – a review

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Acids attack concrete by dissolving both hydrated and unhydrated cement compounds as well as calcareous aggregates and the subsequent chemical reaction forms water soluble calcium compounds which are then leached away. The aggressiveness of the reaction depends on the pH of the acidic medium and the types of salts formed. Concrete pipes made of ordinary portland cement (OPC) carrying sewage water have always the presence acidic solutions in it. They deteriorate and service life of the pipes is affected along with the increased maintenance costs and that process cause environmental impacts.  Geopolymer binders are novel binders that relies on alumina silicate rather calcium silicate bonds for structural integrity so they have been reported as being acid resistant. Those could be produced by the chemical action between alumino-silicate material such as fly ash(FA), granulated blast furnaces slag (GGBS), metakaoline or silica fume with alkaline solutions like sodium silicate or sodium hydroxide. Geopolymers show superior performance in terms of corrosion and fire resistance due to the absence of water and calcium in their structure.Utilisation of waste materials like FA and GGBS makes geopolymer    concrete (GPC) an environment friendly construction material. This review paper looks in to the effect of various acids such as sulphuric acid, acetic acid, nitric acids on durability properties of OPC specimens, GPC specimens and GPC composite specimens when immersed in acidic solutions for certain period. The performance of geopolymer is analysed by the visual inspection and studying the parameters like weight loss, loss in compressive strength and maximum depth of penetration.

Keywords- Geopolymer concrete, Sodium hydroxide, sodium silicate, metakaoline, silica fume, alumina silicate

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Lathi Karthi
Peter Cibi


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