Sustainability of concrete using recycled aggregate: a review

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Sustainable development is essential to the well-being of our planet, human development, and the continued growth of society. As we know, concrete are the most commonly used substance in the world, after water. However, recycled concrete is the biggest advantage for us. Nowadays the construction industry also tries to replace the virgin material to reduce the environmental impact, global warming, pollution, etc. The construction activity and old structural building also is an issue for the environment. The reuse and recycle of concrete would therefore also reduce the burden on the environment. So this paper will give a summary of recycled concrete aggregate, their sustain on the environment, properties of the application of recycled aggregate, and the resultant of their properties of recycled concrete aggregate.

Keywords- Aggregate, Concrete, Construction Development, Environment, Recycled, Sustainable.

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Mohammad Umar Khan
Manju Dominic


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