Suitability of demolition waste as a landfill liner material – An experimental approach

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Waste management is the term that refers to the collection, processing, recycling, transport and monitoring of waste products. Various methods of waste management like incineration and recycling have been introduced recently. A landfill liner, or composite liner, is a low permeable barrier, which is laid down under engineered landfill sites. Until it deteriorates, the liner retards migration of leachate, and its toxic constituents, into underlying aquifers or nearby rivers, causing spoliation of the local water. The efficient use of low cost, reliable and durable materials is very much essential for modern practices of construction. Demolition waste is the waste debris obtained from destruction of buildings, roads, bridges or other structures. Bentonite is a type of clay that has an ability to swell and gel when dispersed in water which is used in construction, mainly in excavation and foundation works. Dredged marine clay is a type of clay found in coastal regions across the world. This can be obtained from coastal and marine areas with the help of dredgers. This project includes an investigation into the feasibility of combining demolished waste materials with dredged marine clay and bentonite to study the suitability of a landfill liner by experimental approach. When demolished waste was mixed with dredged marine clay, it did not satisfy the conditions required for the landfill but when combining the demolition waste with bentonite, the criteria was satisfied and the perfect mix was obtained.

Keywords— Dredged marine clay, Bentonite, Demolition waste, Landfill, Landfill liner

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B Devika
K.V. Hareesh
Samuel Baby
Muhammed Shiyas


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