Styrofoam bricks.

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Pollution and accumulation of waste is one of the major problems that the present world faces. Of the waste materials the non-degradable plastic waste is the major issue. Among the plastic wastes, Styrofoam wastes share the lion's share. Styrofoam wastes are non-degradable also possess the threat of poisonous gas emission when burnt the main challenge is to recycle without the emission of poisonous gases. In this thought we come to the idea of Styrofoam bricks. The Styrofoam brick mainly consists of Styrofoam, acetone and sand. Styrofoam bricks can be manufactured through 4 kinds of process, dissolution of Styrofoam in acetone, mixing with sand, moulding and drying. Why we are preparing this brick is to get high strength and reduced weight also it is not brittle like the ordinary bricks. This will have good load bearing capacity. It can be used to construct partition wall, pavement, roofing etc.

Key Words: Polystyrene Foam; Lightweight Bricks; Thermal Insulation; Pore-Forming.

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P. Meghna
K.P. Dilraj
S.V. Aswin
K.R. Sreejith
N. Thrishna


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