Strength analysis of soil blocks admixed with sugarcane bagasse ash.

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This paper is mainly focusing on the stabilization of soil using sugarcane baggase ash (SBA) as a soil stabilizer. The locally available soil samples were collected and their properties were determined. Based on the laboratory test results the soil was classified as fine-grained soil. Soil stabilized blocks of dimensions 15cm x 15cm x 15cm were prepared with the following soil, cement and SBA combinations 100% soil, 80% soil + 20% cement, 80% soil +10% cement +10% SBA, 80% soil + 8% cement+ 12% SBA and 80% soil + 6% cement +14% SBA. Plain OPC cement of 43 grade and SBA from sugar factory Goa was used for the soil blocks. The blocks were moist cured for a period of 28 days. The soil stabilized blocks were then tested for their compressive strength under the universal testing machine according to BIS specifications. The effects of the SBA on the strength of the soil blocks were studied and it could be concluded that SBA can be used as a partial replacement of cement.

Key words: sugarcane bagasse ash, compressive Strength, soil stabilized block, cement.

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Shwetha Prasanna
Swaroopa Sail
Rhea Patil
Maryann De Souza
Anushuka Prasad
Aakash Gavandalkar
Yatish Gaude


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