Review on sponge city construction for flood management

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Due to the global climate change and the rapid progress of urbanization, the frequent occurrence of flooding disasters and severe pollution seriously threaten the sustainable development of modern cities. To solve these problems, China first started the construction of the ‘Sponge City’. Sponge city can improve city’s ability to adapt to the environment change and to cope with floods; it can also make them more sustainable. It was not only meant for urban flood control, but also rainwater harvest, ecological restoration of urban land and water quality improvement. The rainfall received in 2020 in Hyderabad of India, has been the highest for the month October in a century. The risk is going to increase year after year in the whole nation. So India too needs a mission that mitigates flood risk and provides a pathway to water security. And the most promising solution across the world at this time can be the idea to adopt Sponge city construction. Improper research in this field will lead to huge maintenance difficulties and other related problems. This paper mainly focuses on presenting the concepts of sponge city construction along with its pathway. Not only does it focus on Sponge city’s benefits, but also its challenges are also stated, which leads to better understanding about its scope of continuing for future.

Keywords: Flood control, sponge city, green infrastructure, urban floods.

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Femin Maria IX
Elba Helen George


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