Review on investigation of corrosion behavior of reinforced concrete with supplementary cementitious materials

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Cement concrete is the most widely used material for various constructions. Properly designed and prepared concrete results in good strength and durability. Sometime these mixes are found to be inadequate, hence variety of admixtures are used along with cement. A certain percentage of cement will be replaced separately with metakaolin and silica fumes. Hence the flexural strength test of concrete and evaluation of corrosion behavior of the reinforcement can be performed. The study of flexural property of concrete will be conducted at 7 or 28 days characteristic strength with different replacement level of cement (i.e.0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%). Corrosion behavior of reinforcement will be evaluated based on half-cell potential. Concrete samples will be cured in either fresh water of 4% NaCl saline water for 7 or 28 days of curing period. We assumed that the addition of silica fumes and metakaolin will improve the flexural strength characteristics of concrete and corrosion resistivity of reinforcement.

Keywords: Flexural strength, corrosion, metakaolin, silica fumes.

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K.U. Aavani
A. Aneesha
Baby Xavier Thomas
S. Vandana
Anju Paul


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