A review on offsite construction plant design in Auckland

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The main objective of this paper was to review the design considerations and challenges for offsite construction plant in Auckland. The goal is to provide the reasons for selecting the design criteria. For this the production plants Willmot Dixon in UK, CRC in Australia and Fletcher in New Zealand were considered. This plant can be used for products in residential buildings, hospitals, educational buildings and commercial buildings using Lightweight steel and timber framing, Factory assembled bathrooms (FABs) or pods, Cross-laminated timber and Prefabricated and precast concrete. The four design communication alternatives for an offsite production plant based on the requirements for adaptability, efficiency in assembly and production economy are explained according to the needs. The main urban challenges which were faced by Auckland for offsite production plant like speed of construction, cost, waste materials, machines and workers are reviewed using the method of engineering called Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) by which the production costs and the time for products to reach the market are reviewed.

Keywords: Offsite, Design, Materials, DFMA

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Salman Shah Salim


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