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The city of Bengaluru, once known as the Garden City of India and the City of Lakes, has now transformed into the Silicon Valley of India. This transformation has happened over the last few decades and has caused major changes to the City’s landscape. One if the important issues the city faces today is the scarcity of water. Researchers owe this issue to the depletion of lakes due to high pollution levels, encroachment and dumping of solid waste in the lakes. The neighborhood Bannerghutta is located in the Southern part of Bangalore Metropolitan Region, which is in developing stages and handful of lakes are found and comes under Minor Irrigation Department. The project focusses on Safeguarding the lake and transforming buffers into public recreational areas with functional strips of riparian vegetation. Safeguarding of lake ensures the habited of that area is preserved and protected. The transformation of lake buffer zones into public recreational spaces ensures the area to be free of any buildings that might otherwise be built on this land. Also, bringing in the public into the space would allow increased public involvement in the lakes campaign and would ensure better maintenance of the functional parts of the lake. A recreational space is perceived as a destination and would add value to the place.

Keywords: Safeguarding the lake, developing stages and handful of lakes

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