Water-related impacts on agriculture due to climate change: a review with reference to Kerala.

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Climate change has arisen as the most pressing global challenge of the 21st century. The impending challenges may be associated with water resources management. Water-related impacts due to climate change are ranging from water scarcity to intense floods. The state of Kerala has witnessed severe floods in the last two years owing to Extreme Rainfall Events (ERE), among which the prominent ones are the events that occurred in August 2018. The extent of human and livestock mortalities, crop damages and economic losses due to the floods was enormous. This paper critically reviews the scientific studies and reports on impacts of climate change which profiting generalists bothered with environmental challenges. The article highlights the need for water conservation, risk management, and the development of mitigation measures to cope with the water-related impacts of climate change on agriculture.

Keywords—climate change, flood, drought.

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Niranjana Thomas
E.J. James
Celine George


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