A review on use of recycled municipal and construction solid wastes for manufacturing sustainable construction materials

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Huge amount of wastes are being generated, and even though the incineration process reduce the mass of wastes to a large extent, large amount of residues are still remain. The sustainable development of the system should decrease the waste-to-energy ratio continuously through the planned reuse of materials. This paper reviews the existing studies on recycling municipal and construction solid waste for the manufacture of Geo polymer composites. The principal findings of this work reveal that municipal and construction solid waste could be successfully used into Geo polymer composites as an alternative in the forms of precursor, aggregate, additive, reinforcement fibres, or filling material. Additionally, the results indicate that although the inclusion of such waste might depress some attributes of Geo polymer composites, proper proportion design and suitable treatment technique could solve these detrimental effects. Finally, a brief discussion is provided to identify the important needs in the future research and development for promoting the utilization of solid waste materials in the forthcoming sustainable geo polymer industry. In summary, this work offers guidance for a greener approach to building – scoring favourably in environmental performance for being relevant to resource conservation, landfill diversion, and waste recycling.

Keywords: Construction materials, Geo polymer composite, Municipal solid waste, Construction solid waste, Sustainability.

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Taneya Tom
Elba Helen George


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