Laterite as a base and subbase material for flexible pavement – a review

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Rapid economic growth is leading to ubiquitous expansion in highway projects around the world. Utilization of natural aggregate resources for the construction of flexible pavement has led to uncontrollable quarrying in the state of Kerala. The recent landslides in Kerala which took the lives of many people is the aftermath of extensive quarrying activities. Utilization of treated native soil in the structural layers (Subbase and base) of flexible pavement can widely avert the danger associated with ecological imbalance due to quarrying. The main objective of this review article is to enlighten the researchers and practicing engineers about the key advances developed in the last 10 years for utilizing native laterite soil in the base and subbase layers of flexible pavement. On the basis of various researches, laterite soil treated with lime, cement and other additives showed considerable enhancement in the compaction characteristics, unconfined compressive strength (UCS) and California Bearing Ratio (CBR). As stipulated by MORTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways), for a layer to be suitable as a subbase material in flexible pavement, minimum CBR value must be 30%. From the extensive review, it was found that the treated laterite soil satisfied the MORTH criteria for use as a subbase layer in flexible pavement.

Keywords- Ferrocement, cyclic loading, flexural behavior, precast ferrocement wall, dynamic analysis, static analysis

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S. Jayalekshmi
Lincy Fernandez
Faustine Anooja
A. Anjana
Rahul R. Pai


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