Demolished building waste management: a review

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Construction and demolition waste are the major issue as a direct consequence of increased global urbanization. It impacts the environmental efficiency of the construction industry, contributing to 35% of the global landfill. This research considers the two main fundamental factors affecting the demolished building waste management, which are the management hierarchy including the 3R strategies and the project life cycle and management tools. The inappropriate treatment and disposal of Construction and demolition waste give rise to the environmental pollution, land price, and natural resource consumption. This paper scrutinizes the concept of Construction and demolition waste management and review the extant studies in the managerial areas of Construction and demolition waste. These findings are aimed at clarifying the current and future practices of Construction and demolition waste management practices with an understanding for the sustainable governance.

Keywords: Construction and demolition waste, management, review.

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Anjali Sanil Kumar
Sethulakshmi Sanitha Shajan


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