Researching of properties of expanded clay concrete on cement-ash binder.

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Ukraine is a state with a powerful industrial base,the waste of which is ash. The use of ash as a binder for the production of expanded clay concrete solves the problem of its disposal. Studies of expanded clay concrete on carbonates and and cement-ash binder were carried out.The research results showed that it is possible to manufacture building structures from this material, including load-bearing ones. Experiments have confirmed the effectiveness of using a cement-ash binder [Vilkov, 1984]. The article provides recommendations on the technology of production of expanded clay concrete mixture and determination of optimal composition. Were made and tested samples of expanded clay concrete on a cement-ash binder with varying degrees of reinforcement with dimensions of 100x150x1200mm. The bearing capacity, crack resistance and deformability of expanded clay concrete were determined by testing on hydraulic press. The compressive strength of the studied expanded clay concrete was tested by loading samples with dimensions of 10x10x10cm and 10x10x40cm. The perspectives of using expanded clay concrete on a cement- ash binder are analyzed.

Keywords: expanded clay concrete, industrial waste, binding material, ash, carbonate send, strength, deflection, deformation, building construction.

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Oleg Popov
A. Chystiakiv


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