Exploring Floral Waste into Bio-compost using Microbial Consortium from cow dung: A Review

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India being a cultural nation with pilgrimage and deities activities as well an arena of myriad social and cultural functional events, leads to floral waste generation as a natural inevitable outcome with a very slow degradation. A huge amounts of flower waste followed by temple offerings, released daily in the water bodies or as dumping off in soil. This leads to a severe environmental pollution and health hazards. Degraded floral waste residues serve to be a cheap & flexible source of choice for bio compost. Presence of a diverse group of microorganisms isolated from rich nutritional source as cow dung helps in an efficient degradation of highly complex organic components into simple stable end product, Bio-Compost Therefore in the present work, an attempt was made, to discuss on an efficient degradation process of floral waste by cow dung driven microbial isolates. 

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thgorasiya Tejas H Gorasiya


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