Purchasing practice of young consumers towards green packaging: influence of value system with the mediating effect of attitude.

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The problem of climate change is not just because of utilizing the resources in excess and exploiting the nature, but the preference and consumption pattern of people have got changed in recent times. This consumption pattern has led in producing such large quantities of non-eco-friendly packaging materials that is creating serious environmental issues. The packaging materials are simply thrown out and become a source of massive portion of waste. Therefore, packaging materials should be considered a core factor in a way to deliver products to consumers securely. Understanding this, the knowledge and awareness on different kinds of packaging and their impact on environment the consumption patter of consumer need to be tested exclusively among the young consumers. This study was carried out in Thoothukudi Educational district, covering the schools of five different educational blocks in the district.  Collecting 818 samples, the study aims to understand the knowledge, awareness, consumption pattern, attitude, and the values of 9th to 12th standard students. A Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) was constructed to test the impact of Packaging Awareness (PKGA), Eco-centric Values (ECCV), Emotional Values (EMOV), and Social Values (SOCV) on the Purchase Decision (PUDE) of young consumers.  The model also tests the mediated effects of attitude on PUDE.  The study has found that the awarenesss on packaging strengthens the purchasing behaviour or the intention in young minds. The awareness on the impairments of polymeric packaging and the positve perception toward eco-friendly packaging drive the consumer intention towards green. In turn, these awarness have higher significant influence on changing the attitude of young consumers positively towards eco-friendly packaging. Hence, it is suggested that spreading awareness on the anti-environmental polymeric packaging and perceived benefits of eco-friendly packaging. Besides, emotional reactios do not significantly influence the purchase decision of them instead it is only expressed as a spur of the moment. In terms of attitude, similar to the previous studies, it was found that it strongly influences purchasing behaviour of the students and it also strongly mediat social, eco-centric values and awareness towards the purchase intention. 

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A. Kingston
G. Paulraj


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