High efficiency phytoextraction of barium using Amaranthus viridis L.

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Heavy metal pollutants in the environment are emerging global concern. Barium is one of the heavy metal abundantly used in the manufacture of firecrackers and match industries. This work is aim to eradicate barium from these industrial sites; the new-flanged phytoextraction technology is used to mitigate the metal pollution through hyperaccumulators. Plant used in phytoextraction should accumulate and translocate  specific pollutants especially heavy metals. This work aims to assess the tolerance mechanism of Amaranthus viridis L. a selective native hyperaccumulator under barium chloride stress. Morphometric, biochemical, enzymatic activity, accumulation, translocation and mobility of barium form soil to root and leaves were studied in co-cultivated hyperaccumulator (Amaranthus viridis) and hypoaccumulator (Abelmuscus esculentus) at various concentration levels of barium. Amaranthus viridis accumulated fourfold to fivefold barium in roots, shoots and leaves than Abelmuscus esculentusL. This is well understand that Amaranthus viridis showing higher accumulation of barium, more translocation of barium from root to shoot and good mobility. The mobility of barium was increased form level 1 to level 3. It was revealed that the accumulation of barium was more in root and shoot of Amaranthus viridis. It is inferred from the present study that A.esculentus is a hypoaccumulator and is sensitive to barium. When co-cultivated with Amaranthus viridis showing less of metal toxicity because Amaranthus viridis being hyperaccumulator of barium, accumulate more metal and save Abelmuscus esculentus. It is strongly suggest that the hyperaccumulator Amaranthus viridis L. should grown in the barium polluted sites and make the environment sans heavy metal pollution.

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Selvaraj Kanagaraj
V. Malathika
V. Ramasubramanian
B. Makesh Kumar


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