To study the composition of minerals and vitamins of some fresh vegetables with special reference to the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh India

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Aims: This comparative study was carried out to evaluate the vitamin-C and mineral content of twenty-two different sorts of nutritious and low-cost fresh vegetables. Methodology: Vitamin C, calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sodium (Na), potassium (K), phosphorus (P) contents were determined with the flame emission spectrophotometer. Results: Vitamin-C was higher in Momordica charantia (87.0 mg/100g) and lower in Vigna unguiculata (0.10 mg/100g). Calcium and magnesium of the green leafy vegetables were in the range of 191.0 - 12.0 mg/100g and 210.1- 9.0 mg/100g respectively. Sodium content largely varied from 58.1- 2.1 mg/100g in which Amaranthus cruentus content higher and Cucumis sativus had the lower content. The highest potassium content was recorded in Cucurbita pepo (384.0 mg/100g) and the lowest potassium content was found in Cucumis sativus (144.20 mg / 100g). Phosphorus content was ranged between 108.0 -13.0 mg /100 g in all the green leafy vegetables. There were significant correlations between mineral contents. Conclusion: These results revealed that selected vegetables contain an appreciable amount of vitamin C and minerals and should be included in diets as a supplement of daily allowance needed by the body.

Keyword:  Fresh vegetable, Vitamin-C, Mineral composition, Kullu.

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Imtiyaz Rasool parrey
Tanveera Akhter


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