A A systemic review on total phenolic content present in various drug substance.

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Antioxidant is a solidity which prevents the oxidation of a substrate.They fend off or delay the cell damage precipitated by free radical. The Antioxidant activity of the amalgam can be assessed by standard simple experiments like DPPH and FCR reagents tests .The main objective intent of this study is to evaluate and review the profitability of determining total phenolic content with the help of Folin Ciocalteu reagent (FCR) in any drug material agnate to the antioxidative property. Articles issued between 2004 to 2017 were encompassed in this review. Databases namely google scholar, PubMed were trouped for assemblaging the articles. Keyphrases like total phenolic content, FCR reagent, fruits, antioxidants were accustomed for assemblages of articles. The inspect of studies have stated that 23/30 reported praxis of FCR Reagent to dictate the antioxidative property of various drugs in impetus of qualitative and quantitative assay. The wind up of this study had disclosed that FCR is one of the frequent reagent which was used to determine the antioxidant property

Keywords Total Phenolic content, FCR Reagent, Antioxidants.

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Dr.lavanya Sai
Dr.manisha.p.gajendra gadkar


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