Seismic analysis of multi-storeyed building with floating column using fluid viscous dampers.

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Nowadays many multi-storeyed buildings in India have open ground storey for providing better parking facilities, reception lobbies and other amenities. It is required to have column free space due to shortage of space, increase in population and also for functional and aesthetic requirement.For this purpose, building is provided with floating column at one or more storey.Floating column is a vertical member but its lower end is not connected to the foundation. Its lower end rest on beam which is a horizontal member, this beam transfers the load of floating column to other columns below it.The most common use of a floating column is to build a soft storey on the ground floor to provide extra parking or entrance corridor space.But such features are highly unwanted in seismically active region. The present study proposes a practical solution for reducing the risk of earthquake effects associated with floating column building by strengthening them with using fluid viscous dampers. The main aim of the work is to highlights the performance of floating column building and compare floating column building with and without using fluid viscous dampers. Seismic analysis is carried out by using response spectrum analysis as per IS: 1893-2002. The Seismic assessment is executed by using ETABS software.

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Akhila Prem
Sunitha A. Daniel
Afia S. Hameed


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