Effect of dust pollution from construction sites on on-site construction workers.

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The concern for air pollution and its associated problems are increasing day by day. Unfortunately, construction industry is among the top contributors to air pollution since most of the activities like excavation, tile cutting etc taking place in construction sites result in the generation of dust. These emissions cause negative impacts on humans as well as on the environment. A lack of awareness among construction workers, contractors etc regarding the ill-effects of dust pollution result in these problems not being considered seriously or tackled properly. The identification of dust sources as well as its health consequences and other aspects in construction sites can help increase awareness and aid in the execution of control measures. This could help to reduce dust pollution in construction sites. Here, the health impacts that construction dust cause on on-site construction workers were studied by interviewing the workers. From the data obtained from questionnaire survey, it was found that workers directly involved with dust generating construction activities like wall polishing and tile cutting experienced more health problems compared to other workers. Majority of workers experienced respiratory problems. From correlation analysis, it was found that experience of workers and their age had a moderate correlation with health problems experienced. Some of the dust control measures suggested include regular site monitoring, implementation of control measures designed specifically to reduce the generation of dust from activities causing highest quantities of dust and regular site cleaning.

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Gauri Mohan
Annie Sonia Xavier


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