Proposal of construction material flow index for multi-storey residential buildings.

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Besides water, construction materials are indeed the major flows that enter the sites. Administration and movement of these supplies are the challenges experienced on sites nowadays due to the scarcity of materials, delays in terms of availability, inefficient transport facilities, damage and waste and limited space for storage. Effective flow of material is very critical for maintaining a productive and cost efficient location. Poor disposal and haulage during site operations is an important issue that jeopards the efficiency of construction projects. Unsatisfactory handling, storage and management of materials on work sites will seriously hinder the performance of the project. In construction site, a new approach is therefore required to analyze the flow of materials. The project deals with the identification of optimum material flow factors identified from literature review and analysed for index generation by developing formula for index. This includes measures of material movement, its consumption and excess disposal of waste. The proposed construction flow index (CFI) is a composite indicator that illustrates the repetitive construction project efficiency of the output flow. The CFI is a powerful instrument for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of construction projects and monitoring the movement of supplies. An index is generated for the quantitative analysis of the material flow at work sites in this project.

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Sruthi Suresh Babu
Sahimol Eldhose


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