Experimental investigation on fly ash based self-compacting concrete with metakaolin.

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Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) is a fresh concrete which is highly flowable, and it can flow readily into place, fill the formwork without any compaction and without undergoing any significant segregation. It is used in the construction where it is hard to use vibrators for consolidation of concrete. High amount of cement and chemical admixtures used in SCC reduces its wide scale usage. Metakaolin can be used as a better substitute to cement due to its cementitious properties. Metakaolin combines with Ca(OH)2 produces additional cementation compounds and makes concrete strengthen. This study aims to experimentally investigate the fresh and strength properties of flyash based self-compacting concrete with different percentage replacement levels of metakaolin with cement. To obtain the optimum percentage of metakaolin in flyash based SCC in which metakaolin is partially replacing cement at 10%, 15% and 20% by weight of cement. M40 grade equivalent flyashbased SCC was established based on fresh properties such as flow ability and passing ability and strength parameters like compressive strength, spilt tensile strength and flexural strength. The results showed that fresh properties decreased as the metakaolin content increased. The strength parameters increased about 15.2%, 12.82% and 14.1% for 15% metakaolin.

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Nazrin Fathima Fazil M
C.J. Chithra


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