Impact of pandemic crisis of COVID-19 on construction industry in India.

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The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted whole world in a huge way which forever buzzed with activities has fallen silent and all the resources are diverted to meeting the never-experienced-before crisis. Today the construction sector is predicted to face simultaneous reduction in both supply and demand on account of this pandemic. This study aims to research the effect of COVID 19 on the construction industry's survival. This study adopted two methods to collect the data. The first method is quantitative data by associating construction practitioners to assess the level of impact using a five Likert scale and Descriptive Analysis was adapted to conduct analysis with MS Excel to find the quantity of impact certain factors display. A total of 30 respondents participated in answering the questionnaire survey. The second method is by conducting an exploratory interview with some experts from the construction industry sectors to share and express experiences and problems they faced and opinion on the condition of the construction industry during and after pandemic. The study found the most prominent impacts of COVID 19 are the suspension of projects, labour impact and job loss, time overrun, cost overrun, and financial implications. The findings also help project stakeholders to realize the sequences of the sudden epidemic and prepare for the worst-case scenario during the planning stage of the construction projects.


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K.N. Likitha
Kundhena Srinivas
S.C. Gurudev
G.D. Nischith
C. Rajasekaran


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