Advances in zooplankton studies- An overview

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Zooplankton are free swimming animals that have a prominent role in the both fresh water and marine ecosystems. They are considered to be bio indicators and since the existence of zooplankton is more important along with their undeniable role in energy transfer through food chains and biogeochemical cycling. To know about different aspects about zooplankton the care should be taken from the level of collection and further in to their preservation, identification, sorting, enumeration and their analysis through different scientific procedures. Studies about zooplankton is still going on all around the world and there have been a lot of advances made at different aspects related to zooplankton study. A nutshell of field as well as laboratory procedures involving different techniques and instrumentation in zooplankton studies and advancements that have been made and currently followed by the researches are included in this review article.

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Archana Devi
R.S. Balamurali
S. Thara


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