Gender roles and challenges of village chicken keeping among farmers in Enugu State, Nigeria.

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Production of village chickens is largely in the hands of the rural farm families in Enugu State, Nigeria. Local chicken keeping has been neglected by research and development. This affects women more than men, and may further limit the participation of women in village chicken keeping. Gender roles and challenges faced by village chicken farmers in Enugu State, Nigeria were examined. Multistage sampling technique was utilized in selecting 100 respondents. Structured interview schedule and observations were used in collecting the data for the study. Descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentage and mean scores were used in analyzing the data. The majority (93.0%) of the respondents were females. Construction of chicken house was carried out by men; while women were involved in feeding, disease control and marketing of chickens. Perceived challenges to village chicken keeping include: diseases (=2.98), poor growth rate (=2.94), predators (=2.94), high mortality (=2.56), inadequate veterinary services (=2.33) and inadequate extension services (=2.26). Provision of adequate housing facilities and mounting of vaccination and treatment campaigns are essential in reducing mortalities in village chicken. 

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Jane M. Chah
Ifeoma Q Anugwa
Cynthia Itodo
Anthonia N. Asadu
Mabel U. Dimelu
Adaku Ezeibe


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