Some Physico-chemical Properties of the Habitat of West African Manatee Trichichus senegalensis along River Benue, Nigeria.

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Some physico-Chemical parameters of Manatee habitat along river Benue were conducted. The river was divided into four segments;  Makurdi, Abinsi, Gbajimba and Gbaji. In each srgment, ten (10) sample points were chosen and the following parameters ; Temperature, dissolved solid (D0), pH, Total dissolved solid,(TDS) Electrical conductivity (EC) and Biological oxygen demand (BOD) were measured. Data collected was subjected to statistical analysis.  The result indicated that there were significant differences in the pH, Electrical conductivity, and Biological oxygen demand (BOD) among the four study areas. The mean pH ranged between 6.94 to 7.09, EC ranged between 47.76 µs/cm -55.91 µs/, dissolved oxygen was between 15.82Mg/L in Makurdi to 18.50Mg/L in Abinsi, mean Temperature moved between 29.27oC in Makurdi to 34.33oC in Gbaji, the total dissolved solids ranged from 44.46 Mg/l in Abinsi to 56.74Mg/L in Gbajimba while Biological Oxygen demand (BOD) was least at Gbajimba( 3.03 Mg/L) and  Makurdi with 5.49Mg/L It is therefore suggested that continuous monitoring of the water health of the river be sustained for the survival of the west African manatee.

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Micheal Iwar
P O Egwumah
S. O. Olufeagba


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