Taxonomic Classification and Suitability Evaluation of Selected Soils of Gboko for Yam and Cassava Production.

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This study evaluated soil fertility status of Gboko-South in Gboko Local Government Area and their suitability for cassava and yam production. Auger point investigations were carried out at 100 m intervals along traverses spaced at 100 m apart. Three soil units were identified on the field based on soil colour, structure, textures, surface characteristics and topography. The results showed that the soil units were deep (102 – 141 cm) and well drained except unit I that was poorly drained. The soils were coarse-textured and slightly to moderately acidic in reaction with pH values which ranges from 5.38 – 6.50. They had low organic matter contents ranging from 0.20 to 0.95 % and high base saturation which ranged from 76 to 86 %. The soils were classified as Typic Epiaqualfs/Epigleyic Stagnosols, Arenic Haplustalfs/Eutric Luvisols, and Eutric Haplustept/Eutric Haplic Luvisols. Soils of unit I (Pedon I and II), unit II (Pedon III and IV) and unit III (Pedon V and VI) were evaluated to be moderately suitable for cassava and yam production.

Keywords: Soil, Taxonomic classification, Suitability evaluation, Land suitability assessment, Yam and Cassava.

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Jacob Usman
O. J. Ogbu
R. A.R. Ejembi
S. E. Isi


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