Comparative Evaluation of Swine Production With Other Domestic Livestock in Mbaitolu Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria.

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The researcher has undertaken this study on comparative evaluation of swine production with other domestic livestock in Mbaitolu Local Government Council of Imo State, Nigeria to proffer some solution to the problems hindering the rearing of swine in the study areas (Mbieri, Ogwa, Orodo, Ogbaku, Eziama –Obiato, Umunoha, Ifakala, Ubomiri and Afara). The researcher used descriptive survey design to carry out the study. The population for the study was 10,450 respondents drawn from nine towns of Mbaitolu Local Government Council. 600 respondents were proportionally and randomly selected as sample size for the study. General objective was formulated from which five specific objectives were formulated. Among these – is to compare swine prolificacy over the prolificacy of other domestic livestock. Five research questions were formulated to guide this study, among these is – what importance has the prolificacy of swine over other domestic livestocks like goats, sheep, horse and cattle? Five null hypotheses were formulated for the study among these is – there is no significant relationship between the prolificacy of swine over the prolificacy of other domestic livestock in Imo State. Pilot study was conducted at Umuagwo community using 20 respondents that reared domestic livestocks. This area was not part of the study location. Questionnaires were used as a medium for data collection. One sample T-test was used to test five null hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance and all the null hypotheses were rejected meaning that there were significant differences between pig productions over the production of other domestic livestock. The analysis yielded the following results: swine production was accepted to be more prolific than other domestic livestocks like goats, sheep, horse and cattle. It was also agreed that swine were more adapted to wide varieties of feeds which made them to grow more quickly than other domestic livestocks. It was concluded that swine production was more economically important than the rearing of other domestic livestock. It was recommended that National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) in Imo State should enlighten the respondents on the economic importance of swine production over the rearing of other domestic livestock. Piglets should be made available to farmers who wish to embark on swine production at affordable price by Anambra – Imo  River Basin Development Authority (AMRBDA).

Keywords: Swine Production, Domestic Livestock, Mbaitolu Local Government Council.

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E.B. Alionye,
Emmanuel Ahaotu
R. O. Ihenacho
A O Chukwu,


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